Christian Fiction - Winter 2010

Winter Wonders
by Melody Carlson
ISBN: 9781602852099

From the Publisher: When Louise's daughter Cynthia brings home a famous home-and-garden expert to write a children's book, the Howard sisters' peaceful lives are turned upside down. And now Alice has gone and gotten herself involved in the local dog racing. The dogs are being mistreated, and she's jumped into the cause, head first, becoming far more involved than she'd ever intended. One thing is certain, life is never dull in Acorn Hill, particularly at the Grace Chapel Inn Bed and Breakfast, where long winter days are filled with wonders. Once you visit the charming village of Acorn Hill, tucked away in rural Pennsylvania, you'll never want to leave. Townsfolk relax on their porch swings or gather to discuss the day's events at the Coffee Shop over homemade pie. It's the kind of town where friendship and faith flow together.

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